Special Offer - VIP Platinum Package - The very best of TT

1 day Senior Race Day creme de la creme

Not available anywhere else!

Join us for the climax of the event - the Senior Race Day Friday! And do it in style! This is the top VIP of any motorsport: The Platinum VIP.

Apart from the top VIP (full details below) just before the race you will strap down in an official course car with a professional driver, and then zoom past the jealous crowds along the 37 mile mountain course along the closed roads for a 90+mph average lap!

You will then be able to join the START GRID to wish your favourite rider good luck! After the race join the winners in parc ferme, and stand under the podium to taste the champagne!


VIP Platinum Senior Race Day

Programme - VIP GUEST
  • 08:50 Meet Pole Position Travel guide at the VIP pavilion next to the paddock. You are escorted to a private table in prime location.
  • c. 09:00 Pre-race course car lap*
  • 10:15 Sure Sidecar TT Race 2 (3 laps) Opportunity to join start grid
  • 12:30 PokerStars Senior TT Race (6 laps) Opportunity to join start grid
  • Opportunity to join parc ferme, podium ceremony
  • 17:00 VIP Close
  • 19:30 May join our Closing Dinner at the Sefton Hotel (£40)
  • *actual race will be decided on day

Total price: £1395 per person


VIP Platinum Senior Race Day details

Pole Position Travel is the leading provider of VIP hospitality at MotoGP and SBK events world wide. So we know a thing or two when we state that the Platinum VIP Experience at the Isle of Man TT is the best hospitality in motorsports!


  • A closed-roads lap of the TT Course in the official course car
  • A private table with ex TT star guide
  • Guided paddock tour
  • Access to the TT start line and the TT winners enclosure
  • Access to the post race press conferences
  • Gourmet hot and cold served buffet lunch
  • Complimentary beers and wines served during licensing hours
  • Complimentary WiFi connection
  • A signed souvenir photo of you with one of the TT Legends!
  • Dedicated grandstand seat in the main TT Grandstand
  • Exclusive rider appearances and interviews
  • Special souvenir TT gift pack

However in addition to these incredible benefits, in our experience it is the "magic" that really makes this an unforgettable day.

Such as standing ON the grid next to the legendary John McGuinness just before he sets out to win the Sr race. Such as Keith Amor taking us to view the Senior from a private garden right at the foot of Bray Hill - 170mph bikes less than arm's length away. Such as Conor Cunmins coming to our table to welcome guests. And many more, all wrapping up an unbelievable day.

There are VERY LIMITED number of places available. We restrict sales of these places to our package customers, but if you can't book a package with us for some reason, contact us and we will see if we can help.

Non-package customers: £1395 (contact us)